Lighting for Flowering Management

ULPG-10W / PW / WW

♦ Applications

Greenhouses and trellises.

♦ Purpose

Supplementary lighting for plants and flowers.

♦ Product Dimensions
 Light for Flowering Management, Product Dimensions
Light for Flowering Management
♦ Spectrogram
Flowering Management, Spectrogram
♦ Product Specifications
型号 ULPG-10W / PW / WW
功率 10W
波长(R/B / 多色) Red, blue, and far infrared
推荐照射距离 50cm
发光角度 120°
PPFD 80μmol/㎡/s(20cm)
寿命 40,000hours
尺寸 Max. total length 800mm, physical dimensions Φ700mm
重量 0.25kg
材质 Aluminium
IP --
湿度 < 85% recommended
温度 10-40°C
输入电压 AC100V
接电方式 E26 connector
电源电缆长度 --
Lighting for Flowering Management

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