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HPS and LED for Top Lighting in Greenhouses

Light Source : Ultra-high pressure sodium (HPS) / LED
  • › Light crops from above.
  • › Supplement insufficient illumination, extend daylight time, and serve for other purposes.
  • › HPS works better than LED to illuminate a large area with high light level.
  • › Through the using of HPS the yield of tomato and pepper will have a significant increase.
  • › Install one HPS per 10m², or one LED per 2m².
  • › LED requires large accessories such as substrate coolers, which may increase its cost and weight.

LED Grow Lamps for Indoor Multi-layer Cultivating Frames

Light Source : Florescent Lamp / LED
  • › Compared with fluorescent lamp, LED lamp can make plant grow more fast among the products provided by our company.
  • › It's important to submit LED proposals meeting the requirements for taste and nutrients of the species of vegetables to be cultivated.
  • › LED performance should be sufficiently studied
    (1) Power (2) PPFD (3) Number of LEDs to be used (4) Spectrum (5) Service life (6) Water resistance (7) Heat dissipation design

Lighting for Flowering Management

Light Source : Florescent Lamp/Incandescent Lamp / LED
  • › The light source is used to extend the daylight time for strawberry and other crops (electric lighting).
  • › It will take higher cost to supplement light for photosynthesis because light sources brighter than 100μmol/m2/s have to be used for such a purpose.
  • › The luminous flux should be as close to the required lower limit as possible so that the price of light sources can fall within the range affordable to farmers, thereby facilitating their deployment.

Light Sources Needed by Plants
Do you know what lights are more suitable to plant growth?

Different wavelength sensitivity between human and plants

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