LED P046WMW for Multi-layer Lighting


♦ Applications

Indoor plants.

♦ Purpose

Illumination for multi-layer plantation, especially for plantation where uniform illumination is required (from the plantation of green vegetables to strawberry).

♦ Product Dimensions
Product Dimensions
♦ Spectrogram
U-EL-B02L1200-DSA-D4846W Spectrogram
♦ Product Specifications
Model No. U-EL-B02L1200-DSA-D4846W
Power 46W
Wavelength (R/B/Multicolour) 3-wavelength / red and white
Recommended distance of illumination 20-30cm
Emitting angle 108°
PPFD 100-135μmol/m²/s(20-30cm)
Service life 40,000hours
Dimensions 15.7*100*1140mm
Weight 1.35kg
Materials Aluminium and acrylic resin
Humidity 20-80%RH
Temperature 0-35°C
Input voltage DC48V
Connection of power supply External power supply
Length of power cable 120mm, DC sockets (non-water-proof)
LED Grow Lamps for Indoor Multi-layer Cultivating Frames

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